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Setting up for hold position

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I've noticed several good to very good shooters set up their hold points buy starting several feet higher than normal, and to the left of their normal hold point, than lowering, and moving to the right to their "normal" hold point before calling for the bird. When I asked why, they said, saw it on youtube and would not say more. Anyone hear of this, and why? Some kind of secret technique? kidding, but what is the benefit of mounting this way, just part of their routine, and that's it? Anybody else noticed this? Any reason ?
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Set my feet first .

Bring the gun to level, pull it in to my shoulder set my cheek on the stock and come to hold point usually down to hold point. Post one will be down and to the right while post five will be down and to the left.

If I slide the pad up my body things go wrong fast. So the gun comes to level and then I pull the gun/pad into my shoulder. The gun being level means I have to come down to hold point.

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