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This is a copy of a post I saved before the big server crash.

Since we have lost a lot of good reference information with the server crash here a helpful tip on setting the field limit switches.

Setting the left and right limit switches with the interrupter stopping the travel before reaching the limit switch can be a problem. (relevant to the one relay and a interrupter in the new G series machines)

I have found a much easier way of setting the left and right limits. Turn power off, remove the interrupter and place a jumper wire in the octal socket pins #2 and #3. (a _ U _ shaped piece of #12 solid copper wire works well). Restore power and place the Manual / Auto switch in the Auto position.

Machine will cycle back and forth on the limit switches. At the moment
the machine stops at the end of the left stroke, flip the Manual / Auto
switch to the manual position. Machine is now stopped at the left limit
switch. (left limit switch is the switch on the right side of the
machine as you face out of the trap house) Trip the release switch to
throw a bird and observe if it is a straight away from post 4-1/2. I place a target on top of the house at point “B” to use as a reference aiming point.

Adjust the switch (if needed) and re-tighten the left limit switch and return the Manual / Auto selector switch in the Auto position. When the machine again stops to change direction to the right, flip to the manual position and release a bird to check the adjustment. If the bird is a straight away from the 4-1/2 post then place the 4&1/4 inch adjustment rod between the just set left limit switch and loosen the right limit switch.
Snug the right limit switch against the adjustment rod and tighten.

The field is now set for a two hole target. Turn off the power, take out
The jumper, replace the interrupter and turn on the power.
I find this method much faster. In place of the jumper wire, I use a
8 pin octal relay with the insides removed and pin 2 and 3 connected.
Attached is a picture of where to place the #12 jumper wire.

The interrupter socket sits in the Pat Trap control box with the index
Pin at 9:00. Pins 2&3 are at the 6:00 position. (facing the control box door)

Jim Warner

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I posted this yesterday.

Got this from a Pat Trap expert:

Pat Trap Field Centering Procedure

1.)Determine center of trap house and mark front and back of roof and this should also line up with the 50-yard stake. Throw targets to line up with the above from position 3 centerline. This would be a true straightaway target.

2.)Measure from the Hyd. Cylinder to the angle iron base and record for future reference.

3.)Coat the Cylinder shaft with light grease and let the machine run on automatic to the far left and back.

4.)Return the machine to the center setting measurement

5.)Measure from the cylinder to the line the grease was wiped off to and this should be 2 15/16”.

6.)If the limit switches need to be moved, move it ½ the amount measured on the cylinder.

7.)After the 2 15/16” dimension is achieved run the machine to the far right in automatic mode and stop exactly when the machine hits the switch to reverse.

8.)Measure from the cylinder to the grease mark and this should measure 5 7/8”, if not adjust the limit swich by ½ the amount measured on the shaft.

The above procedure sets the field for ATA legal 2 hole targets. 3 hole target settings are 3 ½” & 7” – same procedure.

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If you go to pat traps wedsite and go to there manule for that mechine it will tell you the setting to set two or three hole targets by distance from the center to the outter stop on are mechine it is 1 3/4 of a inch on either side to throw two hole targets on are pats which are 3 years old and the angle is about 20 degeers in still air for a 50 yard target
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