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separating reclaimed shot

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I reload all four gauges of shells and use reclaimed shot whenever I can (12g & 20g). I have tryed to use reclaimed in 28 gauge but bridging occurs due to the amount of 7 1/2 size in the mix , causing a mess.

Has anyone tryed to separate the smaller shot from reclaimed? It appears it is only 10-15% smalls, but it sure beats paying $44/bag for #9 shot.

John (CREEK)
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I bought the mesh sizes I needed in steel screen by the square foot from McMaster-Carr in Jersey, built a simple wood frame for them and sift the shot through them.

They have a steel mesh of .035" wire with .09" openings (#9 shot is .08" diameter) that should work for you for $5.75/ft².

I had the same thought. I bought a #10 test sieve. The openings are .0787" which would be 9's a bit on the small side. I cleaned, vibrated in graphite and sorted in the sieve, shot still bridges in a MEC 9000G .410. Works well in the 28 gauge. Might work ok in a .410 press that does not auto-index as there would be an opportunity to tap the drop tube. Probably work in a single stage press.

The nice thing about loading .410 target ammo is that you get 800 rounds out of a bag of shot. With that in mind, and the large amount of labor you need to go through to cut out some small shot from relaim, spending $44 on a bag of quality #9 shot isn't all that painful.
sort it to 8 first then sort out the 9's,deformd shot may not want to run through a 9 screen.or get a stewart black max,and make it what you want..mark
Thanks for your input. I plan to look at some screening at a local hardware store this morning. I found that if I reload 28g with 2/3 #9, and 1/3 reclaimed the bridging goes away. If I can sift out the 7 1/2 shot I should be OK.

As far as .410 reloading, I only use #9.

Thanks again,

Wolfram hit the nail on the head. When all you have is 1/2 oz of 9's you really should want the very best magnum grade shot. At 32 boxes per bag shooting new shot is worth not cleaning up messes while reloading. To each his own but you might give it some thought. The time, effort and energy you save will be your own.
i reload 12 gauge and 20 gauge. i have a guy that melts shot down for me. the problem is that is varies from size 9-B basically. Could i get something at home depot or lowes to separate this stuff or maybe a collinder?

For .410 I use commercial #9 shot. My hopes were to get the large pellets out so I can load 28g with the reclaimed without the bridging in the shot tube on the 28g reloader.

Today, I looked all over for screening that would work; no luck.
I also used two different collandars but the 7.5 pellets go right through.

Using 50% reclaimed and 50% #9 is working quite well for reloading 28g, so that will be my plan.


What press?

If a MEC progressive, remove the bar actuator

This way , you can lift the shot tube off the bottom of the wad BEFORE shuttling the bar and dropping shot (and powder). That way it doesnt bridge up at the tube bottom and streams right into the shell

Inertia of the drop is a wonderful thing !

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