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Self Setting Steel Target

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I was just out in the garage poking around and thought I would share this unique item.
Three targets, two roosters and a disc. If you shoot the roosters first ( and knock them down ) hitting the round disk resets the roosters back up in an upright position.
I purchased this up in Leesport Pa about 15 yrs ago I think I paid $ 80 . No information on the piece itself.
Jim Z


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It is a valuable piece both in money and memories. It is part of a a shooting gallery. Made by Hoffman and has an "H" on the targets under the paint. Back when you would get to shoot a real 22 cal. pump gun with live ammo. The ammo was 22 short "Spatterless" 29g. bullet made of lead composite. It looks as if yours has been hit with full load 22shorts. I have many memories of shooting on the Jersey boardwalk.
They are a great decoration. I have the same piece.
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