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To: Jim Thompson

Dear Mr. Thompson,

As a SCTP Head Coach , USA Level II shooting coach, ATA Coach I am concerned
about the recent move of the SCTP away from Grand week at Sparta. Since nobody
is really talking about why this happened, would you be willing to answer
several questions for me ?

Why do we need two programs competing for the kids , why not combine efforts to
make sure that we reach as many kids as possible ?

Why are we making the vendors life harder by splitting the weeks at Sparta when
we need to help them as much as possible ? They are making half of their sales
at the Grand and the other half during SCTP , during these challenging economic
times you are making them waste money needlessly.



Hi John, and thanks for the question. Here's the short answer as to why we
have two programs. Mr. Christy would not commit to registering targets or
requiring ATA memberships for his organization beyond 2009 and we sensed he
might be taking his new organization in a different direction away from the
relationship we enjoyed with the NSSF. We've been silent about our
discussions with Mr. Christy as I thought we were still in the planning and
scheduling phase for 2009.

Since the date change was made by Mr. Christy and his SSSF association I
suggest he is the only one who can answer that question. Mr. Christy and the
SSSF have not
given us any insight as to their plans in fact we invited them to
continue the SCTP program at the Grand American as last year with a willingness
for some flexibility if they wanted to make modifications. I only learned of
SSSF moving their shoot away from the Grand period after seeing the dates on a
camping form from the IDNR! We have not been notified of this change or given
any reason for it by Mr. Christy on the SSSF. I too am frustrated and somewhat
disappointed with this change as well as the lack of communication from the SSSF
organization. However, it's their program and it was their choice.

Best regards,


Jim Thompson
Executive Director
Amateur Trapshooting Association
601 West National Road
Vandalia, OH 45377

mailto:[email protected]

Phone: (937) 898-4638 Ext.523
Fax: (937) 898-5472
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