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Scott Ross and Bob Harden --West Va Hall Of Fame

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To: WV ATA Board of Directors

RE: Scott Ross Nomination for the WVATA Hall of Fame

Scott Ross has exhibited exceptional skill in the sport of trap shooting. He started shooting non- registered targets with Dale Riggle at Claysville around 1998 and joined the ATA in 2002. In his relatively short career of shooting registered targets, to date he has acquired 44,150 singles, 44,750 handicap, and 29,600 doubles targets.
At the State level, he has won the WV State Singles Championship 2 times (2009 and 2011), the WV State Doubles Championship in 2011, and the High All Around in the past three consecutive years 2011, 2012, 2013. Scott has consistently achieved First Team status on the WVATA Shooting Team. In the past, he has won the coveted Newt Jones award for High Overall, the Bill Hunter belt buckle, many runner up awards, and numerous preliminary event trophies. Scott’s determination is unsurpassed. In the singles discipline, he has broken many 199 scores. He as missed his first target and last target for a score of 199. He has been fondly called “MR. 199” by his squad mates, but at the 2011 Tri State Shoot at Brooke County, he finally broke his first 200 straight.
Scott is just not a local champion. He has attended the Grand American numerous times, and has represented WV in the Champion of Champions. He has also attended shooting competitions in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New York, Missouri, Florida, Nevada, and Utah. Scott has a collection of trophies to prove that he has stood shoulder to shoulder with All Americans like Leo Harrison and Kay Ohey in shoot offs at Satellite Grand’s and state shoots from other parts of the country. At the 2012 Grand American he shot flawlessly to win an A400 shotgun in the Baretta Shootout against AAA shooters like ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Paul Shaw from Ontario Canada.
Above and beyond Scott’s skills as a competitive trap shooter, he is an outstanding and decent person. Scott has a good nature and an easy going attitude that makes him a welcome and enjoyable addition to any trip or outing. He is easy to laugh, enjoys a good joke, trades jabs and ribbings with a smile. He is very supportive and considerate of other shooters. He is always the first to pitch in and help at a shoot. He will unselfishly take a turn keeping score or filling the trap. He has been a constant hard worker at the WV State Shoot, helping out with squad hustling, shoot off referee, shooter support and information, and the hog roast. I feel that Scott Ross is a top notch example of a true sportsman, competitive shooter and he avidly supports and promotes the sport of trapshooting. With all these things considered, Scott Ross should be highly considered for induction into the WV Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred and Mary Ellen Dague


Robert Harden

To: WV ATA Board of Directors

RE: Hall of Fame Candidate
Dated: June 25, 2012

Please accept this letter as my nomination for inclusion into the WV ATA Hall of Fame a trap shooter who started registering targets in 1988. Below is a few of his accomplishments:

• 1996 WV Handicap State Champion with a score of 98 from the 27 yard line.
• 1998 & 2008 WV Doubles State Champion
• 1993, 1996 & 2009 WV All Around WV State Champion
• Six times Runner Up in WV Singles State Championship (1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2009)
• 1998 Only WV shooter to break 400 out of 400 in all of the singles events at our state shoot.
• Member of the WV State team several years and also past captain.
• 1998 he was 21st in the nation with a singles average of 99.19 and holds the longest run in singles straight at 805 in WV.
• He has created and maintains a web page for the WV ATA (
• He has won other trophies at the Southern Zone and Grand America and is currently our WV ATA President and friend, Robert Harden.

Respectfully submitted,

D. Mark Isner
WV ATA Delegate

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These are 2 well deserving shooters, good luck with all your future ventures
a great credit to a worthy state. Good luck fellas will see you in West Virgina

These gentlemen are never afraid to go out of their way to help any way they can.

Gary Bryant
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