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? Saturdays's North Hollywood Chain Shoot ?

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Great weather today - 60's and almost no wind. 25 shooters [our average] shot 100 birds on the same fields - no switching and loaders in the house. Finished all singles squads in exactly two hours! Had lunch at 10:30. Finished all shooters including shoot offs by 1:00 PM, but the beer took longer.

Two 100 straights Really good targets. And the shooters liked the 100 per field. They bring their shells out and place them on a table behind the field, so they only walk ten yards... get new shells and some water and right back out. They like staying on the same field because they know any tricks that the field may have.

Tomorrow we have 40 pre-squaded and expect another 10+ for the CGSTA belt buckle. Some of the better CA. shooters are expected.

NHSC: "Home of the Perfect Target!"

direct quotes from the fred man himself