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?'s - shorting stock & new recoil pad 1100

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My 14 year old saved up his grass cutting money and bought an 1100. The stock was to big so we tried a youth field model but he had trouble keeping his head down so I found a Monte Carlo off of a 870 but we need to get it down to about 13 ½” LOP. I was planning to cut it down and put a new pad on it but I need some advice before I butcher the stock.

How should I cut the stock? I was thinking about using my band saw but I guess I would need to build some sort of jig. Any suggestions?

I can’t seem to find a stock recoil pad with the small footprint (4-3/8” x 1-9/16”) that I would need. Has anyone sanded one down? If so how did you do it, how did it turn out, and what brand/model did you use?

Thanks for any and all help, all suggestions humbly excepted.