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Ruger 22/45 Lite Project

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I finished my Ruger 22/45 Lite project. It has Volquartsen trigger, sear, hammer (MK II) and hammer bushing (MK II). Trigger breaks at 2-1/2 pounds. The 90 degree C-More mount came from Bear Cave Machining. I fabricated all the other modifications. The mag drops free just like a 1911. There is no magazine disconnect. The compensator is made of steel.

Here are some photos of my current configuration. I added a mag well and a gas petal. The drips are Hogue G10 9/32" thick.

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor

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Sweet slide racker! I'll have to build one for my steel gun. Nice looking bolt release and mag release.

Nice. It's fun to customize guns. And nice job on the home made compensator. The machining looks very precise.

I have a Buckmark target model that I threaded for a suppressor. I've been debating about installing a muzzle compensator similar to yours. Tac-Sol makes them, but they are aluminum. One issue is with carbon and lead buildup. There are chemicals that can remove lead but all the ones I'm familiar with will eat aluminum too. A steel compensator is ideal, except for weight.

For aluminum, I've tried a trick to make them easier to clean. I figured that since Break Free helped keep the fouling soft on Remington auto gas systems, then something similar might work for compensators. Break Free does help, but does not last long. Wire welders use a special grease to dip their gun nozzles in to keep metal spatter from sticking. I grabbed a can I had in the shop, interestingly called Nozzle Dip, and used a q-tip to apply it to the inside of a compensator. It did a pretty good job of keeping the carbon and lead deposits from sticking. I have a compensator on an old rimfire rifle I bought and it is totally clogged shut by the carbon and lead buildup. To the point where it is impossible to remove because its harder than the aluminum.


BTW, unfortunately you've built an "assault weapon" under the new proposed gun bans plus some that have passed.

That's because you have a threaded muzzle. And if BATF believes the compensator can act as a flash hider, it could also be a banned feature.

Interestingly this very subject is being discussed in the Political section. Sadly, some of our fellow'ers are willing to throw you and some of us under the bus for threaded muzzles.
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Very assume work

I like that new 22 from Ruger- it put them again into the top bracket of the market- and with what you have done- there is even another slice

Regards from Iowa

Well done Ruger MK III 22/45. I just started shooting steel August of this year. It is a lot of fun.

Starting to warm up to the C-More mount you have. I do see the advantage. Just wish the mount wasn't so pricy. How do you adjust the C-More when it is on its side?

Thanks for sharing pics and info of your project.

There is a slot milled in the mount (see first photo) to access the windage adjustment. All you need to do is keep it straight in your head what does what (windage = elevation, elevation = windage).

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor
It lowers the sight line closer to the bore. This makes it easier to find the dot and it minimizes POI change with distance.

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor

Thanks for the info on the adjustments.

How about when shooting from right to left? Does the sight block quick target acquisition?
Red dot sights are wonderful. First of all the dot is in focus in the plane of the target. That means you can wear shooting glasses that correct your distance vision and the dot is in focus. That allows us old guys to shoot a handgun just like we used to (maybe better).

As far as target acquisition the dot is superior to open sights. All you do is move your eyes to the next target and the dot just follows. It is kind of like pointing a shotgun. Focus hard on the target and shoot when the dot is there.

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor
I have installed C-More red dot sights on my 1022, 1911 Colt, and my Glock 9mm.

Jim Skeel

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