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Just to let everyone in east central IL know. I have been approved for 12 Sat. shoots this year. May 19-26: June 9-23-30: July 14-21-28; Aug. 11-25; and Sept. 15-29.
These will be marathon type shoots where the crowd can decide what they want to shoot and how many. My goal is to start early and quit early. If particapation is good more shoots may be added as long as help is available.
Targets only, $17.00 per hundred plus $1.00 Il fee, plus ATA daily fee.
I will be open the last Sat. in April for practice and informational meeting.
9:00 AM - 1:00PM ?
Mike and Mary Ann Robinson
Newman, IL
PS It's on ISTA web site, still waiting for shootATA to get current?
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Yes this is the old McCown gun Club. Too nice of a place not to use so I'm gonna give it a try. Targets only for the Saturday shoots. Just a place for area shooters to register some targets. If we can keep squads moving and find others to help score, we could shoot several targets in a short day without alot of hard work. Depending on the crowd and available help two to four traps can be available.

We are located 20 mi. East of I-57 on US hiway 36. Map on shootata.

Mike Robinson 217-837-2044 - club ans. machine with info 217-837-2409
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