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ok guys help me out. A friend died and his wife wants me to sell this stuff. The shell holder heads are marked RCBS 2,5,11 and fit on the other piece that looks like a primer seater.

the long pin with the reamer on the top is marked 30-30

The shell holder with the adjustable base is marked #3

The knurled part looks like a case trimmer or chamfer or something like that.

Not sure what the aluminum piece is.

So make an offer on all of it. The shell holder heads are 9 bucks each and not sure about the other stuff. let me know and we'll make a deal.


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The reamer you mention is a trimmer. It's a Lee with a 30-30 trim rod attached. The pieces on the top right are the case holder for the trimmer. The knurled piece looks like a Lee deburring tool. They work OK but I prefer an RCBS. The 3 shell holders appear to be standard shell holders. The 2 pieces on the left look like an old primer set up to be used in a single stage press. The top would screw in place of the die and the lower would be set in the ram. I don't know for sure but that what it looks like.

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