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"retiring" from ATA shooting...BUT...

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I've decided to hang it up as far as registered shooting goes. When I can figure out how to post photos, I'll soon be listing a few things for sale (my 687 combo, an 1100, MEC grabber, and other stuff.)

BUT...the point of this is that it has nothing to do with the evils of the ATA. I am NOT "one more guy who got sick of the good ol' boys who run the organization." I don't even know who's on the EC or board. I'm not furious about target speed, 27 yarders dominating, no money payouts, mandatory reductions, Sparta, free-gun-to-the-president, or many of the other ills that are spewed so frequently on here.

I first shot registered in 1964, with various layoffs between then and now. I've had lots of fun and been associated with some of the finest folks one could meet. I can confidently say I've never been to a shoot where I heard much griping about "the damned ATA." Rather, those I've hung out with were more apt to cuss and discuss the wind, their scores, who is shooting well, who is shooting poorly, the irritation of missing the first target out, where we're going to eat...and what shoot we'd go to next.

I'll probably go to a few shoots as an observer (and to keep women and children away from the SW Iowa Clowns)...and I may drag out one of my old guns for a round or two of practice at a local club...but I'll also be one who encourages new shooters to try registered events...and to ignore those who bitch about the ATA. It's the shooting and the people that are fun...and if Charlie from Kentucky is sandbagging, it doesn't take one target away from your next, best score.
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Dang, Lit, I thought you did that years ago? ;-)

Good post Lit. Have a great retirement from ATA Registered shooting.
Lit---I'm sorry to hear that---I enjoyed your post from time to time---I'm getting there also but just hate to hang it up---I'll continue to keep my card and shoot some local events just to try to advance but one has to be realistic.
I also want to thank you for your donation to Larry---ENJOY and gL----
[email protected]
Another one bites the dust ... Enjoy your retirement ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
well laaaa...deee...daah.

Just couldn't say farewell without going totally political, could ya?
Denny, sorry to hear that. From the title of your thread, I thought you meant just ATA shooting, not all shooting.<br>
After taking up shooting again 12 years ago after a 27 year layooff, I thought ATA shooting was the only way to go. This winter I started shooting some of the non registered 50 bird events and had a ball. You get to spend time with a lot of the same great people that shoot ATA and meet many shooters that don't. The competition is just as fierce, the costs are less and the days are a lot shorter. I still plan on shooting some ATA, but not at the rate I used to.<br>
I am hosting a Redlands style non-registered Lewis shoot at our club next month, to see if I can get some of our area practice or game shooters involved and also some of the ATA shooters who have backed off due to the economy, or whatever.<br>
I never had the pleasure (or the pain according to Hauxfan) to shoot with you, but always enjoyed your humor on this site. Take care, Harv Shell.
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Hey bro....The SW Iowa Clowns will miss your banter and wholesale distortion of our sexuality. I mean....what little is left of it. The Clown monicker was implied and applied by your hand and had more to do with you than us. We adopted the mockery and played our subservient part to meet your high level of expectation. You leave us less than certain that the SW Iowa Clowns will survive this loss and could go the way of so many other endeavors of good fun without proper leadership. Who will be able to take principle command authotity needed to extend our honor among humorists and entertainers? I feel a great sense of loss and fear of being the target of revenge related by association to your actions. We will not be equiped with the same level expert rhetoric or idea to defend ourselves from those previously wounded emotionally. We may want to scatter and later regroup to plot a better defense from so many or just shoot better scores than with your participation to partially heal.

Wait!... we already do that. What am I thinking? If proof positive to redemption is based on solid evidence of registered scores and averages, we maintain that honor in the trap community. Just not in the entertainment community that we were never truly fully equiped or engaged in. I'm feeling a bit more confident that we may be able to move on from this great loss by trap shooting credentials only and it may be enough to be able to look people in the eye feeling respected. We can work on good jokes and smart response. We can still travel to places that remember the Literalist and discuss discord with humorist memories and not be overwhelmed by past insults and negative implications. All will be well, my friends and clowns, all will be well.

Hows that 'Ol leader a da pack?.....maltz
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Just think of all the beer n booze all the other guys will save? :) Lit kant kwit!

Sad to hear this but glad I have had the brief privilege to be able to email or call on the phone and get a brief taste of what a character you are, the privilege is all mine. Maltz has spoken numerous times what a grand and funny man you are, he is truly one who is very proud to know Denny Spurling, and what little interaction I have had with you, well, lets just say, after 51 years I can tell a book by its cover and you sir, well you are a one and only. I only hope to have continued communication with you in the future. What a grand sport we are lucky to participate in that we meet the quality people like you Denny, and don't forget, I also was privileged to get to meet Maltz's cousin Bob Houdek before he left this world. My understanding was through Bob you met Maltz. Isn't life grand, take care Denny and God speed t you sir. :) Scott
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Denny, why are you quitting in the prime of your youth? There are still a few more targets to miss, and more than a few gulliable shooters to bs.

I knew it, I just knew it would happen. Denny has finally found love. It happens to the best of us. You all know what I mean. Remember when you were a kid and all that mattered was football, or basketball, or fishing or hunting. And then it happened. You found love and nothing else mattered. Well our Denny has finally found his. Congrats my friend but I look for you to return to registered shooting in about five years or less. The life expectancy of sheep is not very long.

See you at Iowa

Mark Zauhar
Oh boy Mark, you write with deception, clever wit and smooth tongue, bait poor Denny with supposed kindness, and then BAM right back to the lowly sheep stigma. lmao. Scott
How about writing some more of your wit in the magazines? Or here, or,, just write damn it!
Sounds like you are giving up shooting. That is sad I always hoped that when I retired I would have more time to do what I loved. I did and did not. I did retire but my health did not let me do what I love.

I will always shoot right up until the little Hitler in DC decides to stop any gun possession and that is his goal.

My ATA competitive days are gone But I still have love for the game.

I wish you all the best in whatever you decide. The ATA organization is one thing trap is personnel enjoyment. Give up the organization but not the game.

Best in all you do.


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Mark the Zman has been the target of many of the literalist attacks, has filed several police reports regarding beer related theft from his motor home. At IA last year, he started to lock his RV for the first time in his trap career. We tried and couldn't get in to take his beer. Even left finger prints, but never got caught. The whole Clown clan was there following our leader and chief the Literalist. Good thing no one was in the moter home at the time, it would have been a scare looking out and seeing the hords of thirst and unwashed hillbillies plotting and clawing to get in.

Sorry for the invasion Zman..... not real sorry, but there is some remorse if you look for it.

Denny, Sorry to hear you are giving up the game. Another one of the good guys gone. BGC has a door open anytime you are in the area, look me up. Would love to share a round with you again.

Do you have a replacement for the "BEST looking trapshooter in america"? After all you carried the title for years, self appointed and self annointed. Just wondering if another candidate fits the bill now? You will be missed.
Take care my friend and enjoy the retirement.

Mark Stevens
Folks, this may sound like a gracious farewell but I assure you, Lit's just being magnanimous. It was only last month he confided he no longer felt comfortable at ATA shoots, and he was considering hanging it up. The deciding factors in his mind were too-difficult targets, embarrassment at having to stand on 19 yards since Kiner's 2-yard reduction went into effect, and the lack of any coherent Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender outreach program on the part of the ATA (he said he even offered to volunteer as the ATA's first LBGT Chairman...but of course the unresponsive old bulls of the EC ignored his offer).

So don't let the kind words fool you, friends...there's a bullied soul crying for help here.

And, as usual, nobody heard.
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