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Retail Source for Winchester TrAAcker shells

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Yes, I WOULD like to try these. Are they available or are they just being discussed and marketed?
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According this this <I>blurb from CTD dated 16 Jan 2013</I>, they haven't hit the shelves yet (at least as of that date) but you could expect these folks to carry them.

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I don't see myself trusting the ballistics of a plastic wad to accurately indicate the path of the shot cluster. I also can't see the extra dollar for a box of 1 1/8 loads of which only 1 oz actually goes downrange in anger.

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I'm not concerned about accuracy. Close enough is good enough for me.

Yes, $1.00 per box works out to four cents per shell. I would only use a few at a time, three maybe) just to get a feel for how things are flying - and not every day.

My subconscious mind is pretty good at making adjustments for me when I see the shot cloud. That only happens when visual conditions are right. I have a hunch I can task my unconscious more easily and regularly if I have that wad to follow.

It certainly won't follow all the way, but the basic trajectory up front will be, as I mentioned, good enough for me.

After all the psychobabble, I'd actually just like to play around with them.

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