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Nice day for a shoot. We had 24 shooters and threw 3800 birds. Singles: Stevan Hill was high with a 96 and won A class, B class was Tom Burrey with a 85, C class was Gary Brown with a 95, and D class was Tom Hooker with a 90. SV was a three way tie Jim Ehle, Billy Hancock, and Scott Smith all shot 92. VT was Ray Knoloff with a 89 and Alberta Brooks won Lady with a 85.
Handicap: Robert Hill was high with a 93 and won 18-21 yd. John Thompson won 22-24 with a 88, and Jim Ehle won 25-27 with a 82. Chuck Loomis won SV with 89, Tom Hooker won VT with 82, and Alberta Brooks won Lady with 79.
Doubles: George Wartsbaugh was high with 84.
Next shoot is Dec. 15, come on out and show us what you've got.
The Nifty Fifty and Straighty Eighty pots are still intact and growing. John Helm
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