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We had a great day for a shoot, a little chilly at 0900 but sunny with almost no breeze. As it warmed up a little the breeze got a little stronger but was never a real problem. The cold affected some of the electronics at the beginning but as the temperature went up so did the reliability. Now for the results:
Singles: Kent Jesperson A class-95, Gary Hemly B class-94, Gary Brown C class-91, Tom Hooker D class-90, Gordon Horigan SV-94, Walt Furbee VT-91, Alberta Brooks LD-81
Handicap: Robert Hill 18-19 ½ -88, Gary Hemly 20-21 ½-94, David Wright 22-24-76, George Warsbaugh SV-81, Tom Hooker VT-80, Alberta Brooks LD-84.
Doubles: David Wright A class-87, George Wartsbaugh C class-79, Chuck Loomis D class-69, Robert Hill SV-65, John Helm VT-60
Our next shoot is Feb. 16, come on out and join us. John Helm
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