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Boy oh boy cold weather sure makes the scores lower only a few 25s shot today and the top scores of 45
Considering we started shooting sunny with temps around 14 below and only warming to 2 below we still had a great turn out.
Ok enough delaying what you all want to hear WI gave up another bottle of Crown Royal to those MN boys from Minneapolis Gun Club and we didn't have to take their top 5 shooters it was their only 5 shooters. Score of 204
Tony Brand Jimmy Bowen Daryl Olson
Scott Steffen and (Bob Meyer)
WI had plenty of shooter just couldn't get it together. Score 196
Dave Mansell (Bob Meyer) Jeff Prescott
Reed Meyer and Mark Nordeen.
Thanks for the Coors guys.

On to the Jackpot Results
With 31 shooters decided on 3 classes
1st class
45 Dave Mansell
45 Scott Steffen
2nd class
38 Scott Steffen
38 Reed Meyer
3rd class
33 Daryl Olson
33 Tom Zaspel
So you probably noticed my name on both WI and MN rosters, see I lived in Hudson WI for 20 years and I am still on the board at the Club its my home club. But I now live in MN and a member at MGC so I shot for both clubs.
I see a grudge match coming in the future.
Thanks to all that showed up to shoot and thanks to all the volunteers that helped make it possible.

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Bob, the scores were low and that many degrees below zero will do that to ya. You and your volunteers did an outstanding job putting the shoot on and with the target presentation. I did not see ONE broken target throughout the whole day. Kudos to the club for hosting the shoot.

Thanks for the mystery meat chili and dogs. They hit the spot on such a cold day.

Rematch??? Just let us know.

Jimmy Bowen

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I did not see ONE broken target throughout the whole day. Kudos to the club for hosting the shoot.
I did see two, but both just had one chip drop off, and the shooters both pulverized the rest. It happened to be Bob and Reed that got them.
Despite my scores, I had a great time, and got to shoot my Model 12 for the first time also. Bob, you're running great shoots, keep doing them, people will show up in numbers. Today wasn't the best example, but there were more shooters today than I figured would be because of the cold. But then, Minnesotans and us Cheddarheads don't let a - in front of the temperature keep us off the trap range!
(Except certain snowbirds down Tucson way.....they still managed to get out and shoot I noticed!)
Great chili and Hambone soup, very heart-warming after shooting, and as always, a very welcoming group at Hudson Rod, Gun, and Archery Club!
Thank to all who worked to make it a great shoot! Looking forward to the next one.

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Thank you to the Hudson club for putting on yesterdays event! The preperations on the front side with keeping the machines warmed thru the night, walkways and shooting lines clear of ice, building outside shelter with boat storage wrap, fire pit, inside hospitality with the Chili, hotdogs, and soup were all top notch. The clubs personal keeping scores so we could play our little game all did it with a smile. The amount of effort this all took didnt go unnoticed. Enjoyed the event...Now off to practice more handicaps to get ready for the next Jackpot event in the frozen tundra of the North.
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