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Removing unknown finish from plastic butt plate?

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In the process of refinishing a .22 rifle stock (Marlin/Glenfield 60). It's been refinished at least once before.

Stock already stripped and I'll be sanding it out and getting it ready to finish hopefully tonight.

Unfortunately the previous owner finished over the plastic butt plate as well, which is now chipping off and looks horrid.

Any ideas on how to strip the finish off that without melting the plate itself?

The stripper I used on the stock was pretty aggressive (even though it took 4 applications to get all the finish off), and actually melted the plastic scraper I was using.

I may just use that and not let it sit as long, but I thought someone might have a trick before I give that a try. Worst case I melt the plate and have to spend a couple bucks to buy a new one I guess.