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Well, quarantine and all I decided I’d take the mainsprings out of one of my DT-10 trigger groups just to do it. There’s a video on Youtube:
, the only steps that seem a little iffy are the hammering of the tool under the front of the spring and hammering on the spring itself to get it up over the tool. I made a little ramp out of a 3/16” rod and it worked well (no hammering) so I thought I’d post it:

Start by removing all the pins marked here. None are under spring tension so basically just get them started. Be sure to punch then out from the side shown, the hammer pin is stepped in diameter and it only comes out 1 way:

annotated main.jpg

The final pin retains the spring stop and sear spring perch and that piece is under spring pressure so tap out then work the punch back out by twisting and pulling (no need for locking pliers like the video shows) but as in the video, keep you hand over the top of the trigger group to keep the hammer spring stop/sear spring perch from launching. Here are the parts from these 3 pins in their respective positions, note that the sears are offset to the center and the hammers are asymmetrical as well as the left hammer has a larger hole for the stepped pin:

To make the part, grind (I used a vertical belt sander) the end of a 3/16 rod at an angle such that with the spring pulled back and the rod inserted in front of the spring, the bevel just clears the front of the spring recess. To pull the spring back, I inserted a 1/8” punch in the opening inside the U bend and pulled it rearward:




Next, cut the rod off at the bevel so the bevel forms a sharp edge with the cut. A parting tool on a lathe would be ideal, mine is a long ways away right now so I did it with a jewelers saw an then cleaned up the little “nib” on the bottom with a coarse diamond hone. It’s not critical, just get it fairly square and flat:
rod cut.jpg

Install the little round “wedge” in front of the end of the spring:

The spring can now be pushed forward until it stops and then a small screwdriver inserted behind the spring bend and the spring forced forward by prying with the screwdriver until the end of the spring starts up the ramp. The front bottom of the spring is beveled so this takes very little force:


To finish the extraction, I removed the screwdriver and inserted a 1/8” punch and continued prying the spring forward until it popped out.

Sorry, no more pictures possible, website allows 10 max. The rest is pretty simple. Repeat for the other spring,

To reassemble, install the spring stop/perch first then the mainsprings as the video shows and the other parts in any order. Make sure you get the sear springs seated in the grooves of the perch and the sear pin also retains the trigger so it helps to insert a punch from the other side and get the trigger lined up and then use the sear pin to push the punch out. All the pins go in easily, don't force until the very end and then they take a slight tap to get them flush.

Happy maintaining......

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