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Remington STS 12 gauge shotshells available!

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Finally after years and months of searching.
I was solicited by Remington/Vista via email for my once favorite target load.
Only $17.00 a box direct with free shipping!

Seriously. Are they really wanting to sell this?
Nah. They can choke on it.
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Appreciate all the posts indicating STS availability.
I am aware that the STS can be found. Though they are uncommon and priced well above the norm. What is the norm today? That is very subjective.
If you can even find them in quantities and for a reasonable price more power to you.
Vista is holding them back from distributors that always previously had them. 3-4 years ago they were never offered “direct” from the manufacturer.
Same thing with Federal shells.
All under the Vista umbrella.
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