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Remington STS 12 gauge shotshells available!

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Finally after years and months of searching.
I was solicited by Remington/Vista via email for my once favorite target load.
Only $17.00 a box direct with free shipping!

Seriously. Are they really wanting to sell this?
Nah. They can choke on it.
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I have 6 flats of STS 1 oz 1185 - 8's and 13 flats of STS 1 1/8 oz 1145 - 8's yet in my stash that I bought a couple years ago, they will get me through this year but then it's back to super targets and top guns
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I don't see the prices coming down much, another one of those new normals that we have been seeing, the powers to be would like to see shooting stop all together
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