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Remington step rib barrel question

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I have a remington 870 step rib barrel made for choke tubes. I got it used a while ago, and sort of forgot about it being in the closet, then I found it the other day while scrounging through there.

I need to get the magazine ring trued up on it so it will be put in and out of a receiver without the use of a maul hammer, (it came that way) which is why it was relegated to the closet.

A question I have is... Are all of these barrels the made with the overbored section that tapers down in the barrel right before the choke tube area, or are some of them standard bore dimension all the way?

This one does not seem to have the taper in it, at least that I can tell by feeling a change of resistance of a snug patch wrapped around a brush passing through, or of a wad pushed through the bore.

I will probably take it to a shop with a bore measuring dial tool too next time I go that way.