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Never sold a gun online (bought plenty) but here goes . . .

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The Remington SP-10 Magnum has been a benchmark since 1989. These last retailed with an MSRP for nearly $1800. Maybe not the best for the trap field with the [email protected] barrel. But here’s your chance to get a great cannon gun for a lot less.

A 10-gauge delivers superior patterns at maximum ranges. And, because of its weight and soft-recoiling gas operating system, less felt recoil than the 12 gauge, 3 1/2-inch shotguns inertia guns out there. Less recoil than the Browning Gold 10 that's currently sold too. Shooting a 10 gauge compared to a 3.5" 12 back to back and there's no comparison! The 10 will throw a better pattern and has less recoil (it also weights significantly more). Your friends in the duck blind or goose pit will be shocked at the terminal performance compared to their 3.5” 12s.

This SP-10 has a factory Mossy Oak camouflaged pattern applied to a wooden stock. Old enough now that it is retro! There are only a few spots where the camo has worn through. With the 23" barrel, it's great for turkey hunting or duck hunting from tight spaces (like in standing timber or from a layout blind). These also make great coyote hunting shotguns with #4 lead buck, lead T shot, or some of the heavier than lead non toxics.

I have the original factory box, as pictured above.

Includes two factory chokes (Full (lead and steel) and Extra Full (lead only)), factory sling and choke wrench.

Gun is crossposted on some other forums.

I am asking $1000+shipping, or best offer. Open to trades for other shotguns, so let me know what you've got. Either your trade + cash or my gun and cash to you, depending on the other gun(s) offered. The worst I can say is "no thanks, not really interested in that trade." Guns I'm interested for trades would be Remington 31, Winchester Model 12s, Win Super X, various classic factory trap and skeet guns, field grade Winchester Model 21s (I would obviously be pushing money to you), modern sporting clays O/Us, single barrel trap guns, P guns, B guns, Remington 3200s, etc. Not afraid of guns with a little rust or good honest field wear either! Basically anything other than 3 gun/combat shotguns, Turkish guns, Benelli, or more duck hunting guns (have plenty of those!).
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