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Remington 870 Competition straight trap stock. Walnut, matte finish, machine cut checkering, no recoil pad.

Stock is in very good shape, only a few dents and dings, checkering is still sharp, doubt there are many left out there in better shape. I believe most of the marks could be rubbed out, or the stock could be refinished, it looks like there's some nice grain underneath being obscured by the factory finish.

Parallel comb (the only Remington non-monte carlo stock Remington made with a parallel comb), uncut (1" pad should provide approx 14 3/8" LOP)

This stock can also be fit to 1100, 1187, and 1196 guns by drilling out the stock bolt hole with a 5/8" spade bit and fashioning a spacer with a section of PVC pipe. Really easier done than said, I can provide more detailed instructions if necessary, although it's really pretty simple, usually about a half hour job.

This stock will fit the following guns:

-Remington 870: 12ga, 16ga, and full frame 20ga (will not fit lightweight 20ga guns)
-Remington 58: All gauges
-Remington 878
-Remington 1100: 12ga, 16ga, and full frame 20ga (with previously mentioned modification, will not fit LT or LW 20ga guns)
-Remington 1187: 12ga (with previously mentioned modification)
-Remington 1196 (with previously mentioned modification)

$185 shipped
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