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Remington Competition shell catcher

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I am in the process of purchasing a remington 1100 competition and wanting buy a shell catcher gor the gun.
Can someone tell me what is available and what works best, I sure would appreciate inputs from some of you that have owned and shot one.

Thanks in advance,

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Birchwood Casey Save-It Shell Catcher work well.
I have the 1100 Competition Synthetic model and have great success with this one:

It goes on with 3m 2 sided tape and doesn't mar up the finish of the gun like I have seen the snap on versions do.

It does take some tweaking on the wire part to get it "just right" but once set it works great. Also, you can just fold it down for doubles...

There is a little plastic cover on the end of the wire, I highly recommend sliding it off and then super gluing back on - it's generally the first part people lose.

Hope it helps,

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Thanks for your input.
By the way, how do you like how the gun performs, I have not shot this one yet?

Thanks in advance,
I have used the save-it type shell catcher on my 1100s for years. It works great and as indydrew says, does not mar the gun. I have also used it for smaller gauges just by adding a layer or two of shrink sleeving to the wire. If the original tape ever comes loose, you can put it back on with double sided tape.

I once saw a 2-shell catcher......does anyone know who made that??
I can't imagine that the T&S shellcatcher that has been around for years wouldn't work on your model. The T & S just snaps on and off.

The website is listed above but many places sell them. Try Gamaliel Shooting Supply or Brownell's.
I have had a very good experience with the Birchwood Casey Catch-it product. Can't say the same for the T&S Shell Catcher. I have 2 T&S Shell Catchers I'd be happy to get rid of. Make me an offer....they are for an 1100.
I like the 1100 a has essentially zero recoil. Mine seems to like to be cleaned every couple of sessions to perform well. I guess that's true with any gas gun though.

My only issue, and it has nothing to do with the gun, is that I am really hard to fit and this gun was definitely made with the "normal sized" population in mind. That's a group I am not a member of...

Other than that its been a pretty good gun...if you can find one and already like 1100's it's worth a look...


Thanks for the inputs back, i'm going to shoot this one on Sunday.

By the way if yours does not fit, send to me pictures and a Price I have two shooting buddies looking for one?

The ejection port on my 1100 Competition Synthetic is just enough different in dimensions the T&S will not fit correctly. I have been shooting the gun for about a year with the Birchwood Casey with no problems.... The gun works well, mine has the West composite stocks and the Rucker bump buster and I adjusted it to fit and the bump buster takes out any little bit of recoil there might be... Larry

Thanks for the input on your setup, this is the gun with the Auto Buster on it that I will be shooting on Sunday to see if I would want to purchase it. Everything that i read about this gun, i like.

I use the Birchwood Casey Save-It on my 1100 Classic Trap and 1100 Competition Synthetic.

On doubles, the wire can be quickly folded down and the gun will fire and eject both shells but they will go on the ground. There are not many options for shell catchers that will handle doubles.

I have had a long history with the basic type which is an update of the Pedersen Save It.

My wife shot trap from 1987 to 1997, her favorite gun; an 1100TA Trap. She used a Petersen and put about 40,000 rounds through the gun with that catcher. She liked it so well, she had one on her 1100 sporting 28 (Petersen's used to be made in the small gauges) and 11-87 Sporting Clays; and they performed well.

I certainly did not select a Save It because of its good looks , I find them very functional.

I like them over the TS because in my experience, they work better. I have never had one fail to grab a shell, where I have seen numerous people have to furiously shake a fired shell out of a TS equipped gun because it fell back in the receiver. I don't need that on the line, it maybe OK if you are shooting trap recreationally as opposed to compedatively but it doesn't do the shooter any good one a fast paced compedative round and the rest of the squad usually doesn't like it either.

It can be folded down to easily drop a live shell out if there is a need to unload due to a problem on the line.

One thing I do right away with these, though. They come with a funny looking red, soft plastic tip on the wire that is supposed to keep the end of the wire from scratching the receiver, just behind the ejector port. These come off too easily with bad results. Fortunatley I was aware of this and did not find out with the new 1100CT.

I take a piece of insulated house electrical wiring, I forget the size . I use wire strippers to take a 1/2" long piece of black wire insulation which I slip over the end of the wire. It hangs on and because it is black, IMHO, looks better.

I did this on my wife's 1100TA in 1988 and it hung in very well, I think I replaced it once in 40,000 rounds.

The two sided tape that comes with the Brirchwood Casey is pron to degrading with oil. I use the two sided automotive trim tape, the stuff that is as thin as the original Birchwood Casey tape. It doesn't damage the bluing in any way and can be removed with gun solvent.

I have never had any bluing wear, finish damage or rusting etc. on my gun or my wife's 1100TA from the adhesive strips used with these.
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Thanks for inputs and help on this shell catcher, i will take this all in before I purchase a catcher.

Thanks in advance,

Note that the 1100 Competition Synthetic ejects the shells at your feet and not at the shooter beside you. Mine ejects always to the front of my right foot. Kewl design. I would only use one if you are reloading or don't like picking up shells.

Having said that I have a Birchwood Casey installed because I'm lazy and I have had no issues. Just remember to read the instructions, they are a little different for an 1100. a 1/8th inch offset.
Many years ago, I had an 1100 with two holes drilled about 1 1/2" apart in the barrel extension. It came from Remington. (My dad was a Director in the 60's) There was a shallow "U" shaped wire which fit into the two holes and effectively reduced the port opening. Not easily removable for doubles, but worked well for singles and the gun looked "normal" without any hardware hanging off the side.
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