When Remington began production of the venerable 870 pump gun in the 1950 era, the 12, 16, and 20 gauge were all built on the same frame. it wasn’t until the small bore 28’s and 410 came about in the late 60’s that they developed a smaller frame. The 20 gauge eventually migrated over to that smaller frame and the large frame 20 gauge was discontinued late 70’s. I can’t recall when or where I got this gun, but I’ve never used it—and apparently no one else ever gave it much use. It’s gotta go and this gun would be ideal for many applications. It was produced in the early 70’s and that was the zenith of 870 Wingmaster production. This gun would make a nice Xmas present for your son or daughter or even yourself! It’s got a 28 inch modified choke ventilated rib barrel. There are no alterations. Look the pictures over carefully and you decide. Doves, pheasants, sporting clays, trap and even skeet if you have the nerve! So, if a 20 bore minty 870 floats your boat, put I’ll take it in the thread and we’ll go from there. No disappointments here! One more thing—I’ll pay shipping and insurance to the lower 48.