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remington 760 308 carbine value?

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A neighbor is selling an old 760 Carbine pump in .308 it is well used. the stock has numerous dings and scrapes. the barrel has a scratch which is rusting.
the receiver has a scratch and bluing worn on most edges. Has a 3x9 bushnel with a folding mount. any idea what it is worth? I looked all over online and have not found one in .308 to compare to. Lots of 30.06 out there.


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Blue Book # 29 says $275.00 for a 70% gun and $250.00 for one in 60% condition. The 760 CDL (checkering, grip cap and sling swivels) carbine will be about $25.00 higher. In the shape you describe the scope and mount won't add anything significant.

Doug Whiton, P/W dealer/dist
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