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Remington 1100 w 34in trap barrell

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I saw a really great wood Remington 1100 with a 34in trap barrell and another 30in barrell. Price was $650.for all. seemed like a fair price . Never shoot a 34 in 1100 and was wondering what other think and any opinion on this set up. I think I can get the gun a little cheaper. I usually shoot sporting clays and was wondering do many people use a 34 in barrell for sportin. It seem like a shame to change the 34 in barrell to have screw in chokes installed but thought if I buy it i may try to get screw in tubes in this fixed barrell if it can be done. I already have several extended chokes for my Wingmaster .
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I have one that I am going to sell. I can't shoot it. Seems like most 1100 trapshooters have to try and shoot a 34 inch barrel at one time or another.Jeff
The 34 inch trap barrel is worth $300-$500.00 alone.
Steve Balistreri
It does not seem to be the price of the equipment that is hitting the sale. It seems to be the fear of what may be coming in the economy and gun control.
I found that my 32" full choke barrel takes some finesse/getting-used-to. Seems like longer barrels - 32" or 34" - make an 1100 somewhat muzzle heavy. That said, longer barrels do command a price and many like them. Regards, Ed
If the gun is ok that's a decent price. I have a 34 I take out once in a while and it's a hoot.

the 1100 is a very verstile gun for my money, I've owned mine since 73? I have a 34" tarp, a 30" trap, 28" mod and a slug barrel it has never failed. FOr calys I shoot the 30" trap only use the 34" from the 27 yrd line.
They have a common habit of having the gas system crack off the barrel. remingtion does not cover this and you must pay to have them re-attached. This happened to one of my 34 inchers and I have seen it happen to others. Jeff
Anybody have a photo of their 1100 with the 34 inch barrel? I have never seen one.
Old Goat is right. The 34" barrel makes them nose-heavy.

Had an 1100.

Had fun with it for awhile due to novelty of barrel length.

Sold it.
PLEASE send me your Remington 1100 34" (Trap,and Duck and Goose)barrels before the gas system cracks off and you have to repair them-----------

IF it has not cracked off yet I will give you 100.00 for it(you pay shipping)--

or if it has cracked off---you must ship it to me with a 75.00 disposal fee



P.S.--I heard somewhere that the Remington 870 34" Trap barrels had some kind of problem--------same deal applies with the 870 barrels as with the 1100s
Jeff, do you just have a barrel that you are going to sale or the complete gun?
I am going to sell the barrel but I already sold it to another guy. Jeff
When Remington introduced those 34" barrels in the late 70's several of us bought one. No one kept theirs more than a couple weeks. A year or so later Remington came out with a 26" full choke barrel. Same thing. Remington
discontinued production of both barrels pretty quickly - which is why there's
not many around.

There is one sporting clays shooter that shoots an 870 with a full choke
34" barrel. His name is Bill Mayer and he has won the Ohio State Sporting
clays championship several times. He switches to a Beretta O/U for the fast, close in targets.
I went on and bought the gun and exra barrell today. Very nice wood, 2 barrells 34 and 30 in both FULL. $575. but $40. to ship it to me from Florida to Ky. where I live. No tax either. I think I will be happy with the gun and want to give the 34in a chance.
You will have an 1100 trap for 300 bucks or so after you sell the barrel for 300! You can't lose. Jeff
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