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Remington 1100 Competition Synthetis, Goog,Bad tho

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Considering the Competition Synthetic 1100 for my younger son. Any thoughts, good, bad, ugly?
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hi I would like to buy one. Could you tell me where did you find 1 for sale. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Frank
The only way to adjust LOP is to fit a thinner or thicker pad. Not an issue for me,AT 6' - 3", but something to think about, for your application, if a shorter than average LOP is required.

I bought mine, new, in May 2012 (a 60th birthday present) and would not part with it.

It has pretty much ruined me for shooting anything else.

A background, so you know where I am coming from;

I have shot trap since 1970, Remington target repeating guns since 1977. I have tried shooting various mid-price break guns over the years but keep coming back to the Rem.'s.

I am in good health for 60 but am prone to migraines and not really into recoil these days.

I have an 1100 Classic Trap which is nice to shoot but the 1100CS upstages it;

Recoil is like a 28g with target loads.

The Probore barrel and chokes on mine pattern very well and it smokes bios with the full tube.

It shoots dead on for left/right, it was easy to set up to get the 70/30 POI that I like, there's lots more adjustment if something else is preferred. Mine is set up to match a Remington montecarlo trap stock.

It has the smoothest interior finish on the receiver that I have seen on an 1100, it is the slickest working 1100 I have seen, right out of the box.

Stock adjustments stay put.

So far there have bee zero FTF's, jams, failure to extract etc. I use clays and the gun stays very clean.

The biggest problem THEY NEED TO INCREASE THE PRODUCTION VOLUMES (just in case anyone from Remington visits this forum)
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I called several gun shops where I've bought several guns over the years. They all had the same comment. None of their suppliers had them, however they could get 1100 Classic Traps within several days.

I emailed Remington as to whether the Competition Synthetic was even still in production and got a reply that did not answer the question. They must be so overwhelmed with their tactical/ self-defense line that target guns are on the back burner for awile.
I bought one a little over a year ago..... great choice. I modified LOP with a different butt pad. Pleasure to shoot.... Larry
Have owned mine a short while, but my two cents, its the best 1100 ever produced.

The gun is heavier than most 1100's but not a problem, handling and performance is second to none.

Shoots like a 28 Gauge on Recoil, with the Ken Rucker Autobuster (Great addition to the gun, thanks Ken) on the back for extra reduced recoil, it can't be beat, again this is my opinion, I've been shooting this game for some 44 years!

I loaned mine to a friend today...... He shot a round just to see how it compared to his current gun..... He is a good shooter and has had experience with several different weapons...... After the one round he is now looking for one to purchase... Larry
Depending on how big and strong your son is, you might be better off with
a regular "vintage" 1100 with a 28" or 30" fixed choke barrel, and add a Jack West stock. You'll have a lighter gun, and recoil with a 1100 is minimal anyway -at about half the price of the synthetic Competition. That's what I'm shooting and I'm very happy with it.
I have a Remington 1100 Competition with Walunt and adjustable Comb. I will part with if anyone is interested. Cory
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The newer ones are like trying to find a unicorn.
Has anyone tried to shoot light loads in it? 3/4 or 7/8 at 1250 FPS. I have a freind that is interested in buying one and he shoots these loads, and was wondering if there would be a problem? after shooting and discharge of the shells?
I can't speak for the competition model, but I have 4 older 1100's and an old 1187 premier trap and they all cycle 7/8 ounce loads reliably.
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