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Remington 1100/1187 Barrel compatibility

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A friend asked me if the 1187 barrel would interchange with the 1100. He said they look the same and since I have no idea I thought I would seek one of you experts.

I will now stand side so as not to get ran over!

Thank you,

Gary Cessna
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It all depends on who you talk to. The gas ports on the 11-87 barrels are generally larger in diameter. A good suggestion is to stick with the barrels that are designed for your gun. Yes, in some instances they are compatable but when it comes to things that go boom it's better to err on the side of caution. This is just one opinion.
The 11-87s have a wider ejector than the older 1100s. The grove for the o-ring is in a slightly different spot on the magazine tube. I have used 11-87 barrels on 1100s without issues, although Remington doesn't recommend it, therefore I don't recommend it. Mark
I used 1187 2 3/4 only target barrels on 1100's for years. both skeet and trap barrels. forearm fit is only issue I encountered. You need to use 1187 forearm , or dremel out inside of 1100 forearm for the step and collar on the 1187 gas ring. Most composite stocks also fit both.
The answer is.... maybe.

Sometimes this swap works, and sometimes it doesn't.

The main issue appears to be with the slightly different locations of the o-ring groove on the mag tube. If the o-ring fails to seal it can cause a gas leak, causing unreliable cycling or none at all.

The size of the gas ports on an 1187 are immaterial to this swap, because the 1187 will either have a pressure compensation system, or for target barrels they will be 1100 ports.

One issue, pointed out above, is how the mag tube cap is retained. older 1100s used a detent ball in the forend to retain the cap. 1187s use an internal plastic plug with teeth that engage teeth inside the mag tube cap. Many late model 1100s like the Classic Trap also use this system.

The issue is the forend. Wood 1100 and 1187 forends are not swappable. You cannot use an 1100 forend with an 1187 barrel, and visa versa. So if you use an 1187 barrel and forend on an earlier 1100, you lose the mag tube cap retention detent ball. The only practical solution is to install an o-ring under the mag tube cap like a lock washer, which is imperfect but it works for some people. Note, though, that 1100 synthetic forends will generally work with 1187 barrels. They're universal design.

So basically it's a roll of the dice. Some people get away with it. Some do not. My recommendation is if you already own both 1100s and 1187s, you have nothing to lose by trying. If you are going to purchase a barrel and only have an 1100 or an 1187, then buy the proper barrel.
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