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In 1971, I bought the new to the market Left Hand 1100 TB grade trap gun. I owned several of them and shot them extensively until the early 2000’s. Along the way, in the early 90’s, I acquired an 11-87 Premier Grade left hand trap as a back up. I put a few hundred shells through it, cleaned it up and slid it into the safe. And now in 2021, I still shoot a remaining 1100–you can’t break ‘em—and am offering the 11-87 for sale. It’s kind of a unicorn and you don’t see them around very often. It’s got all the great qualities and is essentially an 1100 with a slightly different gas system, that in the field models, allowed the use of 3 inch shells. The Trap version is strictly for 2 3/4 inch shells and is so marked. As you will see, this 11-87 is unaltered from factory specs. It has an attractive Monte Carlo stock and features nicely cut checkering. The barrel is 30 inches and comes with a trap full and super full choke tubed. There was a third tube, but I’ve lost it somehow. I will include an improved cylinder REM Choke and in this over bored barrel, it shoots modified patterns. The blues is perfect and the wood has a few storage marks. I’ve included a picture of the gun with the forearm off to illustrate just how clean this gun is! So if you’re a southpaw, consider this gun. It’s a steel receiver gun with real walnut stocks. There will never be any more and it would be hard to find a better one Or a softer shooting gun! $995 delivered to the lower 48.
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