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I purchased my first ever choke tube barrel last year from a neighbor of mine in Arizona. It was on a 870 and it had a Rem choke marked full and it was at .032 constriction. I tried the barrel yesterday and it hits them nice at 16 yard but I need a Rem choke that is tighter for 24 yard handicap during our cold winter events here in Wisconsin.

If memory serves me correctly, when Rem chokes were first introduced they offered a "Super trap full" that was supposedly in the .040 range? Does any one know if I am correct, and does anyone know where I can purchase one of these. Anyone know what the constriction is on a Remington extra full Turkey choke tube?

I do not want a different brand choke tube.
Steve Balistreri
Wauwatosa Wisconsin
1 - 3 of 3 Posts