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They aren't inlays, they're more "onlays". They are just a rolled over thin foil/film. The one I looked @ at the grand already had significant "gold" loss from handling (and probably had never even been fired).

Machine engraved and machine checkered. Nothing really super special. Especially not for the price.

If you want a nice 1100 without breaking the bank, buy a Classic Trap w/ the gold eagle on the side, or find one of the older 1 of 3000 Diamond Anniversary guns (which are likely the finest looking production 1100s Remington ever created).

Personally, I wouldn't pay any extra for a 50th anniversary myself.

As a side note to Remington fans, I'd expect to see Bicentennial Anniversary guns in 2016 (1816-2016). That is if we are still allowed to own guns then...
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