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Rem 11-87 LH w/3 barrels-a do it all outfit! SOLD

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SOLD--Lefties--here's a 12 gauge gun that will shoot everything! Any type targets or game could be shot with this rig! It's a left handed Premier 11-87. The entire gun and all barrels have a matte/parkerized type finish. The mechanics are excellent. I'd rate the finish at about 80% conservatively. Here's what you get-

The basic 11-87 action--left handed.

A 28 inch light contour 2 3/4--3 inch Remchoke barrel with an extended modified choke tube.

A 30 inch 2 3/4 inch Target barrel that is ported. It comes with a Trap Super full Remchoke.

A 20 inch deer barrel with rifle sights. It will chamber 2 3/4 or 3 inch shells. It's a smooth bore but has an extended rifled choke tube installed.

Two sets of synthetic stocks and forearms. A Monte Carlo set for the trap and slug barrel with a Kick-Eze pad installed and a field style set for the Light Contour barrel.

A shell catcher.

There are also some extra rings and compensating ring. You'll be set for anything in the shotgun world!!

Selling as a package only for $679 delivered to the lower 48 states.

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Wow, that's a smokin' deal for a southpaw.

That deer barrel will also accept Trijicon RE-01 tritium night sights. Useful for night hunting where legal or as a defense barrel.
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