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Reloadling Fiocchi papers from Vintage shoot at Grand

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Picked up 200 Fiocchi white rino papers at the Grand at the
Vintage event, shot with my sons all with model 12s and
beat them both, now on to experiment with reloading the
empties. I have some old 452aa winchester powder, used
load data from a winchester 1981 manual with used 20.5
#30 bushing along with some old federal 12s3 wads,
(data for federal champion papers] with ceddite primers.
not pretty but will work. federals don't look pretty also.
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Since it appears your using a single stage loader disable the 6 pt. start crimp from rotating and just manually index each shell as your moving it to the crimp starter to align the original folds with the "teeth" of the actual start crimper. I do this with a PW 375 by using a hose clamp to lock the crimper to the body that has the bearing so it doesn't rotate. Speed not being important once fired Fed. paper hulls come out looking like factory loads. Almost too pretty to shoot.
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