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Reloading Win. 243

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A friend asked me to help him reload some Win 243. He purchased the dies, primers, bullets and powder a while back but didn’t have the confidence to do it himself. I have loaded shotgun and pistol for years but I haven’t done rifle in a long time. He has the RCBS 2 dies set, full length sizer and Winchester Supreme 780 powder and 100 GR bullets, I think Hornady 2453.

Does anyone have any advice? I have the books and load recipes. All brass is once fired from his gun. Does rifle brass normally need trimmed after the first shot?

I've read that 243 doesn’t really need a crimp, anyone else agree?

Thank you for your input,

Tim (Kansas)
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Tim, Give me a call at your convenience. It would be easier to answer your questions over the phone. I'd be happy to visit with you. Daryl. 406 223-7646
Tim, I to live in KS, the KC metro area. If you are close I could help. Or call 913-271-3254

I would add that your components may be dictated by what his shooting will entail. ie, target, hunting, etc...
I have to thank Daryl for all of the good advice. We spoke on the phone for almost an hour and he answered all of my questions and more.

kcbullets- I'm in Manhattan. Do you sell bullets or is that just your name?

Tim, just my name. I don't sale. My son is in Manhattan and I visit periodically.

If he is a shooter, we shoot on post almost every Saturday mornning. When it warms up a little we will plan a sporting clay shoot at Cokeley farms near Topeka. I also try and hit the pistol range a couple times a month.

We are getting ready to move back home in May, near St.Louis on the Illinois side.

Tim, my son is the President of the Kansas State Shooting team. He has shot with some gentleman at Cokeley Farm I believe..
Oh ok, they beat us last year, I shoot on the FROG team at Ft.Riley.

I hope we can get something scheduled for this year, its a good time.

If you want to give me a call or pm I can answer your .243 reloading questions.
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