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Reloading stuff 4sale ALL SOLD..THANKS!

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I am in nursing school in South Carolina and need GAS MONEY!!! Plus, I don't have time to reload...and shooting .410 skeet does NOT relieve stress! So, here is what I have...Make on offer for all or part. Shipping will have to be added.

MEC 600 Jr .410 with Bottles, parts and includes a universal charge bar

MEC 600 JR 12g, same as above....both are in very nice shape.(SOLD)
(not posting pics...I think we have ALL seen em B4)

500 CCI 209 primers (SOLD pending funds) and 1000 Win 209 Primers (SOLD pending funds)

4 lbs Clays Powder and 1 lb 410 powder
(pretty sure you cant ship this stuff, if you are anywhere near Anderson SC we can do f2f)

two bags 25lb each #8 shot and two bags 25lb each #7.5 shot (i'll ship it if you want to pay for shipping!)

9 boxes of .410 short skeet shell reloads in blue Peter hulls, 410 powder 8 shot and cci primer. I know me and I would shoot em...but you DON'T know me so you ought not to. I would never suggest shooting somebody elses reloads and would break em down for primer and shot.

I have OB/GYN clinicals (blech! women havin babies are DANGEROUS to male nurses)this friday and sat so it might be sunday till I return messages.

Will be posting a Franchi Al48 youth model in 20g and a nice Browning 525 12g 30" sporting in a really nice aluminim case when I get time. If you have interest, let me know in advance of posting and we might make a deal

Lemme know if you have questions with PM. If you are around Clemson/Anderson/Greenville I am glad to meet.

Life is fun...Have a great day. RICH
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Don't get caught shipping primers without delcaring and paying Haz-Mat.
I would like the primers depending on prices. you have a PM Jerry
Several folks have asked..I didn't realize it was important. both bags of 8's are Lawrence, 1 bag of 7.5 is Lawrence, the other is West coast. Regards,
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