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In addition to reloaders that you may not be using, we also accept the following:

1. 12/20 ga hulls. We've used hulls as packing materials when shipping rebuilt reloaders out.

2. Wads. Another nice surprise in the box when used as packing materials.

3. Scales. Bought a new one or got out of reloading? Every reloader needs one.

4. Oil. We would love to be able to send a can of 3-in-1 oil with each reloader. We've started doing this, when we remember.

5. Grease. Here is the preferred grease per Curly over on shotgun world. Rock n Roll Super Web Grease 4oz

6. Mec Powder Bushings - got duplicate bushings you don't need? We don't often get these when we receive machines and everybody needs them, including the youth.

7. Mec Bars - both kinds of charge bars for Mec reloaders are acceptable.

8. Cash is always acceptable. Find the link here: GoFundMe link for youth reloader program

9. Time - help out by putting up a poster at your club bulletin board or at a shoot: Reloaders For Youth poster by DocBombay & WadHopper

10. Mec primer trays or any Mec spare parts.

At the moment we're working with Mec reloaders, but not exclusively. We have received a personal message about a couple of P-W reloaders that are awaiting replacement and will then find their way into our program. That will be fun.

Send me a PM and I'll get you a destination address for any of the above items. To send a PM, click on my likeness to the left and select "Private Message".

Thanks for looking.

Here's an early recipient:

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