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The pile is depleted. I'll post here when I get around to making more.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.

November 26, 2013....Larry

I have a vinyl cutting setup and made a pile of these small yellow decals.

Each letter R is about one inch tall.

If you want some let me know via PM and I'll drop a few in the mail for you. There is a variety of different fonts, but please don't request something specific. I'll select 3 and send them to you. NO CHARGE. Really! They're a free gift from me.

This is a limited offer - limited to the number I have. That isn't to say I won't do it again someday.

I have a large list of things to be thankful for - and many of the folks on are at the top of that list.

Larry J. Frieders
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Larry, i think you POSTED it where it belongs as SOME people only look at the "For Sale" threads. I will P.M. you my address. Joe joe90t
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