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The photos below show one of our recent deluxe refinish jobs. The wood was stripped and all the stain, filler and gunk was removed from the wood. Cindy re-cut all the checkering and then Mike did his magic on the refinish. The wood was left natural with no stains or fillers to try and bring out the natural beauty of the original wood. Both sets of barrels were reblued for the combo set and the owner now has basically a new gun. Thank you for taking a look.

Dennis, Cindy & The Crew

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Beautiful work, as always, Dennis.

Who reblued the barrels, Dennis?
It looks like the new bluing is glossier than the factory bluing. I've thought about having my Beretta combo's barrels done like that. Matte finishes are all the rage right now but I'm kind of old school and prefer glossy finishes.

We have a local shop that does all of our bluing for us and if you need barrels blued you can send them in to be done. Like Ed I prefer the glossy look over the matte finish and in talking with the folks that do this the polished finish holds up better. The rougher the sub finish the easier they wear.

Do you know what method they used to blue the barrels? Thanks, Jon
Appreciate the name of that local shop so I can deal directly; beautiful work, but I figure the less handling of my metal parts, the safer and better re. protection against loss, damage, shipper error and the like. Thanks.
To Stl,

The process is a hot blue and is the Brownell's formula. I would not recommend the process for a Perazzi or any gun that is put together with soft soldier but is works well for us.

Dennis DeVualt
Name of shop please? I have a small project to send in.
Sorry but I will not give out the name of the shop that does our work. They are very small and the owner does not want to take on any other work as they are backed up as it is. I am just respecting the person wishes.

Dennis DeVault
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