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Sell for $2,000

I no longer reload and am selling my PW Patriot reloader with Autodrive (900 rounds per hour) and Automatic Hull feeder (Holds 500 Hulls) for $2,000 (Cost to replace is about $2,900+).

Preference is to sell locally (Vero Beach, FL area) but willing to ship at buyers expense. They are all boxed and ready to deliver to you. If you are local, I can help you set this up as well. I have a video to show how it worked before I packed it. PM me if you have questions.

- Albert

Details below:

1. Ponsness Warren Patriot in 12G (Shipping weight is 56lbs and sell new for $1350)

· Needle Bearings in the base
· Bronze bushings in the crosshead & wad carrier
· Case-activated shot and powder
· Large primer tray
· Primer track tapper
· Primer tray wave system (self-induced vibration)
· Large locking spent-primer box
· Ergonomical handle
· External adjusting shell seating post
· Double-charge locking system (setting the standard in safety)
· Lead or steel loading (12ga. only)

2. AUTO-DRIVE for P/W – HAND (Weight 46lbs sells new for $850)

This new, easy-to-install unit is super quiet when operating. The AUTO-DRIVE features a smooth, heavy-duty electric motor which has a built-in brake system, making sure the system will stop instantly, with no creep or unwanted movement. The actuating arm is equipped with a slip clutch system, allowing the arm to slip or stop under too much pressure.

The AUTO-DRIVE is easily operated by moving forward/reverse control lever. The full pivoting system allows the arm to work in one continuous motion. If you need to reverse the system, simply reverse the control lever. The AUTO-DRIVE comes fully assembled and mounted on the steel base. All mounting holes are pre-drilled. Installs on all Ponsness/Warren progressive shotshell reloading machines.

PLEASE NOTE: The P/W AUTO-DRIVE system is available in one gearhead speed. * 900 Revs Per Hour

3. Automatic Hull Feeder (Shipping weight 40lbs and sells for $400.00)

Spend less time reloading & more time shooting! Mount this system to your machine and shells will automatically be placed on the shell seating post. The large shell hopper holds 500 empty shells and feeds them brass-down onto the shell feed seating assembly. The electric motor, which turns the sorting disc in the hopper, is equipped with a micro-switch, stopping the motor automatically when the feed tube is full.

4. Accessories - (about $300+ new)
Dust Cover - new $49.95
Shell Extracting Kit - new $13.95
Shot and Powder Bushing Kit - new $49.95
Additional Spare parts $100 est
Jim Skeel Clear View Reservoirs - new $110.00
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