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These are extra parts I've accumulated over the years on my Beretta 390 gun that I just sold. Some of these are brand new (firing pin, spring, connecting rod, valve spring), some are used. With the exception of the breech bolt, the used parts are all in excellent shape. THE BREECH BOLT HAS A HAIRLINE CRACK RUNNING UP FROM ONE OF THE "EARS"; IT IS SHOWN AT THE BOTTOM OF ONE OF THE PICS BELOW, BUT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH. THE BOLT WORKS AS IS BUT MAY FAIL AND WOULD NEED TO BE FIXED FOR LONG-TERM USE - I JUST DON'T KNOW. All of these parts work with a 390 guaranteed, most of them would also work with other Beretta 300 series models.

Listed below are all the parts included based on MGW's website and their prices. Without assigning any value to the bolt itself or shipping, there's $280+ worth of parts.

I'm selling the lot for $175 OBO.

Descripton: Beretta 390/391 Jeweled Breech Bolt.

Descripton: Beretta 300 Series/390/391 12ga Locking Bolt.
C50658 $50

Description: Beretta 390/391/303/Browning B-80 12 gauge Firing Pin.
C54731 $24

Description: 390/391/303 Firing Pin Spring
C90148 $7.50

Description: Beretta 303/390/391 12GA Firing Pin Retaining Pin.
C56426 $5

Description: Beretta 390/391/303 12 gauge Extractor.
C52238 $35.20

Descripton: Beretta 303/390/391 Extractor Pin.
C92154 $5.00

Descripton: Beretta 390/391/301/302/303, 12 & 20 gauge Extractor Spring.
C90138 $7.50

Descripton: Beretta 390/391/301/302/303, 12 & 20 gauge Extractor Plunger.
C92155 $7.00

Description: Beretta 301/302/303/390/391 12 gauge Breech Bolt Slide.
C51506 $75.90

Description: Beretta 390/391/303 12 gauge Connecting Rod
C50581 $39

Description: Beretta 300 Series/390/391 Connecting Rod Pin.
C92095 $6.00

Description: Beretta 390 Exhaust Valve Spring
C54410 $12.50

Description: Beretta Recoil Spring Guide. This will fit 12 and 20GA 390, 391,
C57884 $8

Total value: $282.6 + bolt value + shipping

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