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Re: Browning Superposed

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"Lightning" model

Made in Belgium. 20ga

LOP 14"
Drop at comb 1 1/2"
Drop at heel 2"
Chamber 2 3/4"
Barrel 26 1/2"
Skeet chokes on both barrels **$
Vented rib
Original Browning butt pad
White bead front sight
Browning fitted case

This shotgun is in beautiful condition. There are only a couple marks on it(see pics) but for the most part looks new.

$1800 shipped ground(buyer pays insurance if they want it). Feel free to make an offer, worst i can say is no.

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What is the serial number - in salt wood range 68-70?
That is a 1970 model. You need to take stock and forearm off as well as look at the recoil pad screws. and carefully look for some corrosion evidence.

Art performed a lot of restoration work after the crap hit the fan on Salt wood. If, for example he did the work, the end result is 'new gun/good wood' and it will raise the price of the Superposed in that price range. THERE WERE A LOT of CLEAN 68-70 guns and yours probably is one of them

I sold a 1965 in 99-100% two months ago with 28" bbls, nice wood, briley chokes for $3200 and a 1969 99-100% original-no rework 28" IC/M for $2400 - every bit as nice as the 1965 - but it was in the 'bad range' which spooks the guys knowledgable about Brownings. Additionally, 26 1/2 barrels always bring a lower price, condition same otherwise..

You should consider keeping the price at $2200 range if you can afford to hang on to it, but you need to remove stock and forearm and take picks of the action and forend to demonstrate 'clean'. If rust/corrosion evident, you will be down in $1300-1800 range despite the excellent appearance.

Take what you want and leave the rest.

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Creature - the Very specific reason to take the pad off is to take the stock off and show pictures of the action.

Salt Wood Year raises suspicions and some will not look any further. Your Superposed, absent Salt Wood and demonstration of no pitting will elevate it above the corroded salt wood action.

What makes your gun tougher to sell are a.) 26"" bbls, b.) sk/sk with beavertail forend, then, c.) Salt Wood year.

Most folks are shooting 20 ga skeet with 12 ga tube sets and long barrels.


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