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All sold but 4a and 21

Be the first one at you're club to have a RARE Spalted Circassian Walnut gun stock!!!!!

Thanks for looking

A few at 8-11% and ready to work. All blanks come with matching fore end and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pm for prices and exact dimensions and more pictures.
Thanks for looking

@@@@@5% Discount Now till Sunday Spalted [email protected]@@@@


Wood Red Wood stain Geology Rock

A few more circassians

Another #3A

Wood Carving Wood stain Art

Wood Wood stain




Here are some spalted walnut 8% and ready to work. Huge dimensions. Bottom right in CM. Use as a rifle blank or have cut to make a stock blank and a couple fore arms.

#1 This blank is being made into a demo. Pictures will be up Thursday

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Lumber Table

Blank is sold

Red Wood Rock Wood stain

#3 IS off hold and available

Wood Tile Floor Flooring Rock

Tile Wood Floor Flooring Rock

NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!! 7-8% DRY and ready to work

#4 4-5 are minimum 20 in long 8 in at butt and 2.6 thick

Wood Wood stain Tree Hardwood Rock

Wood Wood stain Lumber Rock


Wood Hardwood Rock Tree Wood stain

Wood Rock Wood stain

#6 Another beautiful rifle/stock blank Have you're favorite stock builder cut it to you're speks

@@@@On hold for trap [email protected]@@@

Wood Tree Geology Rock Art

Rock Wood Geology

Another huge Rifle/Stock blank

Wood Tree Hardwood Wood stain Rock

Wood Hardwood Floor Wood stain Rock

@@@#8 HERE are the new [email protected]@@

Wood Table Floor Wood stain

Wood Geology Rock Carving


Wood Table Wood stain Hardwood Tree

Geology Table Wood Rock


Wood Table Rock Carving

Wood Table Beige Rock


Wood Geology Rock Table Art

Wood Wood stain Rock


Carving Wood Rock

Wood Rock Geology Table


Wood Hardwood Wood stain Lumber Tree

Rock Wood Geology Tree

Huge dimensions on these new blanks!!!!

@@@@ A few coming in next [email protected]@@@@


Wood Blade

Wood Table Carving


Wood Geology Rock Floor

Rock Box Rectangle Wood Artifact


Wood Rock

Rock Geology Wood Table



Wood Table Rock Wood stain Hardwood

#21 A nice Claro

Wood Brown Tree Hardwood Table

#22 Another Claro

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Tree Plywood

Here's a nice Circassian walnut slab / blank

Wood Geology Rock Wood stain

Geology Wood Rock


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Wow, love that second blank. All of them would make absolutely beautiful stocks.

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It's always great to see your posts, great wood. Someday I'll save up enough $$ and have one custom built for ME and my K-80

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So excited to get ahold of CM # 2 found a stock maker to get it into a useable stock, Will post pictures thru the process

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Thought spalting occurred occasionally as the first stages of rot/decay. Do you have to do anything to stabilize the wood? Have seen and worked with a lot of spalted maple, but never spalted walnut.

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I am interested in the "Stock in the making" with block for Forend. Pictured are the two photos with a RH & LH view and black outline. Is this for sale? and if so how much would it be in as is condition ? I have a profesional stockmaker. Please email or PM Thanks ... Storeman [email protected]
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