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Rap Music is undermining our Youth

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The real problem is Rap music terms like Imus used are nothing compared to the vulgar words and ugly morals found in Rap music and vidios. The new acceptable terms for Black people is only they can call each other racial names but it is unacceptable and offensive from White people. The problem I have is 60% of Rap music is listened to by white youth and they are being subjected to foul language ghetto terms and low class morals. Sharpton and Jackson should start cleaning up in their own back yards first if they want to elevate the status of Black youth and Black people as a whole. I also think the money driven Music industry should be held accountable for the content within the music. I know this is impossible as the money is much more important than the moral issue and future of American youth both Black and White.

Buddy Walters
Fighting the Battle over Rap Music with two teenage Daughters
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Music has its purposes!!!!

For perhaps 2,000 years on this very land mass,,(America) there was music being played unlike any ever heard before....

It was the beat of a drum!!!! or the piping of a flute!!!! One meant for love,,,the other for war!!!

For those that say "muscic" does not influence young suceptible minds,,,Your're wrong,,,dead wrong!!!

Where no music is played,,,drugs were used,,,Hashish,,Mushrooms,,Some you cannot pronounce,,,,they were meant for war!!!!

For those that like heavy metal,,,or as we used to call it Rock&Roll,,,the high-pitched whine of a Ted Nugent guiter solo was guareenteed to bring screams,,howls,,and shouts for more!!! The heavy beat of drum solo would do the same,,,and bring people to the edge of hysteria,,,I know this to be true,,,because I was there for many a show!!!! The energy level,,,the adrenaline level was hyped right to the edge,,,close enough so that "Mob Mentality" ruled!!!!!

Back to the native americans-------The sound of drums over a three day period make make a person completly insane,,,,But to an indian,,,it was his very heartbeat!!!! Again raising the level of energy,,adrenaline,,to the point of madness,,,,WAR MADNESS!!!! What they felt when going into a battle where touching a live opponant brought more in the way of honor than killing him,,is beyond description....

The beat of hip-hop or rap is geared to produce the same madness,,,,its vulgarm,,,crass,,,raunchy,,violent,,sexist,,and raw!!! Its meant to instill hatred towards another race,,or gender.......And it works!!!!!!!!!!

AKA Grammie...........
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