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Ranger Edge 69mm Lenses Clear, Max-Light, Light Modified Brown

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I've got some Ranger Edge 69mm Lenses I don't need. They are unused.

Clear with AR Coating 92% Light Transmission--$65.
Max-Light with AR Coating 85% Light Transmission--$65.
Light Modified Brown 45% Light Transmission--$45.

Art Metal Cylinder Logo Font

Wood Tints and shades Cylinder Font Logo
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A couple of things:

Do not edit out prices of items you have for sale. You can change them, or strike through and indicate they are sold, but deleting isn't allowed.

Do not remove items that have been sold.

Do not use one ad to cycle through a bunch of items. Make a new ad.

I'm going to close this ad now.

The next one you make needs to follow those guidelines.
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