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I have two Rancho Safari Long Coat Ghillie suits for sale. Both are large size. I am 6 foot 240 and they fit me. They are made from jide material. One is green shades and the other is desert tan shade. These are awesome ghillie suits the best there is.The same suits the military snipers use. When I hunted coyotes in the high desert of Wyoming with no trees I had coyotes come within feet of me without seeing me. Sometimes to close. These suits are deadly on bobcats and predators in Texas and other states as well. These suits were used about 5 times. I am 64 now and my hunting adventures are limited. These ghillie suits are a must if your hunting during the day for turkey, deer or predators. They are $225 each retail. I will sale both for $150 plus $10 shipping. You will be pleased. Email me at [email protected] for pictures. Pittsburgh Pa. I can take pay pal if you have it. I will be out of town on a fishing trip October 18 for 7 days but will email you when I get back. I can take mails today and Saturday. Thanks
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