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Hello everyone-
it's good time to look at some great used Ljutic's I have for sale- What else is there to do?
Trap ranges will re-open eventually and you will need to be ready with a new Gun!!!
New Inventory plus some old favorites !!!

1. SS Monogun # 94- S 34" barrel- 738 bore- 718 choke- .020 constriction ( modified) Ported- Adj butt -
adj comb with black leather top- Blued release trigger- pull may be available- 14 3/8 LOP
70/30 POI- Very nice SS mono- 16-20 yard fixed choke- good candidate for tubes
asking 3500.00 OBO

2. Monogun # 2991- Standard rib- 34" barrel- Pull trigger- .738- .704 = .034 choke (full) looks like a 60/40 poi
14 7/8 lop Adj comb- RH cast to stock- Very good condition- 2900.00 OBO

3. Centennial Pro # 100- All SS 33" barrel- Ljutic " inverted Cylinder " choke tubes- (2) Adj comb and
gracoil recoil device- 14 " LOp over a very thin recoil pad- Some wood issues on stock especially on rear of
comb- Scarce Model- only 30 or so made 3800.00 OBO

4. Centennial Pro-SS # SS-16- 34" Blued barrel- Ljutic " Inverted Cylinder " choke tubes (2) Special Ljutic
right hand trigger shoe installed- Soft touch recoil device- Rosewood grip cap with 2 white lines- Pull trigger
in it now- 80/20 POI_ 14 1/2 LOP- Possibly Wenig wood- many were made that way- Another very scarce
Model- with around 30 made- Excellent shape 5400.00 OBO

5. Mono-gun One touch-# 3732 All blued - Adj rib- 60/40- 90/10 - Adj comb- Ljutic choke tubes- .740 bore- Pull trigger- handicap Style stock-with 1/2 dollar inset in grip cap- Very nice shape!!! Consignment- 5800.00 OBO

6. LTX # 177- factory 2 barrel set- 70/30 POI both barrels- Pull trigger- Satin Nickel plated receiver- Gold
plated inertia lock, trigger blade and trigger pin- Gracoil recoil device- with Adj LOP- 14 5/8 now
1st barrel 33" Fixed choke 736-699= .037 Full- 2nd barrel 33" Ljutic choke tubes- (4) with add a rib mounted on top- also a couple extra add a ribs in the case- Poor adj comb on stock with leather cover- 2 barrel case included- consignment Hard to find factory 2 barrel set- Decent condition- 3500.00 OBO

7. SS Pro-3 - JL2 adj rib- all SS with Blued adj rib- Rare design by Jimmy Ljutic- Adj comb with RH
rollover comb- RH palm swell- Pull trigger 14 5/8 LOP- Ebony grip cap with 3 lines- Super Nice
condition- SER # TGV08- Americase- Ljutic Choke tubes 6600.00

8. Monogun # 3500- Mid-rib- 70/30 poi- Fixed choke 7.38-709- .029 (light full) 14 1/2 LOP- Adj comb
Adj LOP Gracoil- Polished sides that need refinished- stained for some reason- easy fix- Consignment
Very good shape--- 3500.00 OBO

9. Monogun 2033- Standard rib- Non factory 2 barrel set-Adj butt and comb- RH cast 14 1/2 LOP
1st barrel- 32" Ported- fixed choke- 734-703= .031 (light full ) - original to frame
2nd barrel- 34" Ported- .742-.713= .029 choke- very good shape- pull trigger 3500.00 OBO

10. SS Monogun- One-touch Adj rib- All SS- " Luckey 325 " ser #- special order - 34" Ljutic choke tubes--
excellent condition- less than 3 years old- it has it's own post on here so check it out there for more
pictures and info. 6800.00 OBO

11. Ljutic SRM- short rib monogun- 34" Adj Short rib- Very rare rib design- maybe 5 made in the adj version- as new! shot very little- super set of wood with Adj comb and Butt- " hook " style comb- this
also has it's own post with more pic's and info 6500.00 OBO

12. LTX # 107- 33" barrel- excellent shape- pull trigger- see it's own post for more info etc 3700.00 OBO

13. Monogun # 2907- Mid-rib- 32" barrel- SS pull trigger in it - 60/40 POI or so- ported barrel- Straight
stock- 14 5/8 LOP- Very nice shape- 3400.00 OBO

14. Dynokic # 120- 33" thrust hammer design= low recoil- pull trigger- good mechanical condition- Ugly
green leather covered comb- 1900.00 OBO

15. SS Monogun # 293- SS receiver- blued one-touch adj rib- Pull trigger- Adj comb and Butt- RH rollover
comb- RH palm swell- RH offert- 14 1/4 LOP ebont grip cap with dings on the bottom from shipping-
otherwise excellent condition-- Chamber has been sleeved by briley- 100% as new now- PM any questions
about that. 5600.00 OBO- No case

16. Monogun # 3661- Mid rib- 80/20 POI- SS pull trigger installed- recent reblue to a high gloss - looks
very good- Has LEFT hand cast wood set- This set was neutral and a guy sent to Ljutic and had the
comb cut and cast to the left- Could easily be cast back straight. 740/705= .035 choke 13 3/4 lop
over a thin pad- Great shape!!!!!! 3400.00 OBO

17. Centennial Pro-SS # 6- 34" Blued barrel- Release trigger in it now- can be swapped with the other one
if needed- Adj comb and Butt- 14 1/2 LOP over thin pad- Adj comb and Butt- Rare design with around
30 made- Wenig wood set!! very nice!!!!!!! 4900.00 OBO

Any questions please ask!!
Trades welcome on most!!
Terry Jones
Terry's Gun Vault

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Plake. I do have a nice monogun mid rib with left hand wood on it
Let me know if you would like some pictures


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Just acquired a group of real nice ljutics
2 bi-Matics
Older factory 2 barrel set
32 Olympic rib
Nice standard rib
SS pro 3. Fixed rib
Monogun handicap

I’ll get them on here ASAP


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deal on the HCP fell through- its available again- plus a couple more
2 super nice bi-matic's One pull one release
SS Pro-3 fixed rib- over 100% high shooter.
Another Handicap 35" Fixed choke- on the way.

Ya can't miss with a shotgun
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Do you have photos of the 2 Handicap models and the Pro 3?

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I have one of the hcp ones left. And one high shooting fixed rib pro 3. The adj rib pro 3 is being tried out by a guy. I’ll know Wednesday if he likes it or not
Send your email address and I’ll send you some pictures

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