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Rabies in VA- Headsup!

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Dear Virginia Friends,

As the weather warms up, more and more people are outside, including many of
you and your dogs. The longer that you are outdoors, the higher the risk of
encountering a rabid animal. We have a poorly publicized, growing and
serious problem in Virginia. Confirmed reports of rabid animals and people
treated for rabies exposure reached eight-year highs in the state last year
and 1st quarter 2007 reports are up as well. HYPERLINK
""http://vhdoa.uplandbirddo The situation is so bad in Fairfax County that one
rabid animal case per week isn't any longer newsworthy. While northern
Virginia's greater population density may increase the chances of exposure,
there is also thought to be possibly significant under-reporting in many
rural areas.

You must get your dog(s) vaccinated against the rabies virus. Rabid cats are
far more numerous than dogs, but none of us should take chances with any of
our pets. If you're concerned about the new state dog owner "gotcha"
licensing database using veterinarian records, self-vaccinate using mail
order vaccine or obtain your vaccinations out-of-state.

Please share this message widely. Thank you.

Bob Kane, President
Virginia Hunting Dog Owners' Association