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PW P2000 help needed

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Rem hulls
1oz 7.5
17.5 Titegroup
Rem TGT12 wad
Win 209

I’ve made this load with my sizemaster about a thousand times with no problems, except maybe a sore shoulder, but now I can’t get it dialed in with my “new” PW. I’ve tried all the different crimp adjustment combinations and now it seems like the stack height is off or something. Any help is appreciated. In the pic all of the shells are from the PW except the far right one from my sizemaster.


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If you haven't adjusted the wad seating depth, you might try adjusting the wad ram (probably up) until the tips of the wad petals are even with the inside of the crimp shoulder roll after the wad's inserted but before the shot is dumped in. That will put the wad petal ends right around 3/8" inside the mouth of the hull/ends of the crimp folds. Let the crimping process seat the shot and wad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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