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***** PW 800 SPF *****

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How is this upgraded and can it be converted to other gauges using the 800 Plus upgrades. Thanks.
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It cannot be upgraded to a different gauge. Look at the second picture, at the primer insertion station.. That area is too wide, and if you were to say, install 410 tooling, when you punch out the primer the hull gets punched out too. That was the problem with the 800B/C machines.

Also, not to throw water on the fire here, but putting an EZ-Fill and removable die access unit does not bring it up to the level of an 800 Plus.

In order to bring it up the that lever you would need to change the entire crosshead, the pre-crimp and the dies if they are taller than 2" in height. I just checked and this does have the shorter dies, commonly referred to as Tru-Crimp, which is what the 80 Plus ships with.

Also, the 800 Plus comes with the externally adjustable Brass primer seating assembly, and its main cross-shaft is 1¼" in diameter. This one is 7/8" diameter and has the aluminum end caps. The 800 Plus does not use these endcaps because the cross-shaft is big enough to house the operating level and the linkages.

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